Web 2.0 and the Future of Pervasive Computing

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Web 2.0 Going Public

In an earlier post I discussed that the Web 2.0 phenomenon was still nascent. Although I still believe that we will have to wait a wee bit longer before Joe Public starts to pick up on the wave, it is not that far off. Check out the recent coverage of Meebo, a web-based IM service, on CNBC. In this newscast they interview Seth Sternberg discuss the massive increase in venture funding for Internet companies. This video snippit also features commentary by David Hornik. David was one of the Top 5 VCs for Web 2.0 according to our friends at TechCrunch. Anyhoo, my spidey-sense is tingling-this web-slinger has to jet.

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  • At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Daniel Nerezov said…

    "Dude! Where's my $50-200 mill range, venture backed IPOs"?

  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Hooman said…

    I think that you will be seeing those shortly. Hopefully, there won't be quite as many, but they will come. I already know of a couple folks that have things in the works. The first round of Web 2.0 projects/startups were small grassroots efforts. Just as the initial projects on the web fueled the next generation venture-backed startups, these initial web 2.0 projects will set the stage for the next generation of VC-backed start-ups, or "echo" dot coms.


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