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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pete Cashmore Wins Thumbs-Up Award

As I was enjoying my daily dose of blogs this afternoon, I had a stunning realization. Pete Cashmore is by far one of the best sources for new information on Web 2.0 - period.

For his hard work and contributions to the blogosphere, the folks at Convergence (me) have unanimously voted to give Pete the prestigious "Convergence Thumbs-Up Award." Pete is the first recipient of this award. This award is intended to thank those few exceptional folks in the blogosphere with a virtual "thumbs-up" for their contributions to our daily blog read.

Seriously though, all you noobs that are jumping on to the Web 2.0 craze, check out Mashable. Read it, love it, and memorize it. Mashable is definitely up there with Techcrunch, Om , and Read/Write Web as one of the best sources for product dish on the Web 2.0 today. Keep up the good work, Pete.

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  • At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Pete Cashmore said…

    Cool. Thanks, guys.

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger Hooman said…

    No problem, brother - love your stuff. Our company follows your blog religiously. I pray for the opportunity to get "Mashed" when we release soon. Have a great weekend.


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